Mill Creek Towne Swim Association – Home of the Marlins

7285 Mill Run Dr, Derwood MD 20855 (PO Box 5603 Derwood, MD 20855) 301-926-8849
Mill Creek Towne Swim Association – Home of the Marlins

2020 Membership

Covid 19 Update: The board is working diligently to stay on top of this ever changing situation with bi-weekly meetings. We remain hopeful that the pool will open at some point this summer, but do not believe that this will happen on the scheduled opening day of May 23rd. We still must plan for the worst case scenario in that we will not be able to open due to the current health crisis.

OPERATING EXPENSES: We are very aware of the uncertainties there are regarding the pool for the upcoming season, but want to reassure you that we are doing all we can to make sure the pool remains sustainable for now and the future. There are many expenses that will need to be paid regardless of the pool opening for the 2020 season including: taxes, insurance, landscaping, mortgage, utilities and management contract (the breakdown of these numbers can be found at the end of the letter). We are working closely with each of the providers to find cost savings and deferments. We have also explored our eligibility for
any Federal Relief programs, but there isn’t really anything out there for small non-profit organizations with little to no payroll expenses.

WE NEED YOUR DUES!! THANK YOU to all of you who have already paid your dues. Please support your pool and pay your dues!

There are 3 payment options listed below that will hopefully suit your family’s economic situation. Our goal is to make sure that the place we have all come to love and enjoy will remain part of the community for years to come.

1. MEMBERSHIP: Pay dues in full (See below chart) plus the assessment and once the pool is open receive a pro-rated discount toward next year’s dues.

2. COVID-19 MAINTENANCE ONLY: If your family is not comfortable with using the pool this summer, pay the fee which will cover the operating costs and maintain your membership for next year. Pay the maintenance fee plus the assessment based on current membership levels are as follows:
Family $350 + $100
Two person $288 + $100
Single $205 + $ 50
Senior $205 + $ 0

A new category has been created in the membership database titled “COVID-19 Maintenance.” Simply log onto the database as you would normally do and select
that option.

3. If you are in need further payment options, please contact the membership chair, Matt Hartings via email at

Associate Memberships are still available where the initiation fee is not paid in the first year of membership. Additionally, the board has voted to reduce the cost of these dues to match the dues of a regular membership for this year only. Please pass all of this information onto your friends, family and neighbors who may be looking for a fun, local, community environment to relax with their families this summer.

We offer no Initiation Fee Memberships to Active Duty Military Personnel

Membership Type

Initiation Fee

2020 Annual Dues

Full Membership 1 year – $525
2 year – $300,$250
3 year – $225,$200,$150
4 year – $175,$175,$150,$100
$550 + $100 Assessment
Associate Membership (non-voting) Waived for 2020 Season Only $550
Two-Person Household (Ages 18-62) $525 $440 + $100 Assessment
Senior Membership (Ages 62+) $525 $320
Single Membership (18+) $525 $320 + $50 Assessment
Extra Non-Family Member2
(i.e. nanny, granny, cousin, exchange student)
Inactive Fee $75

Your friends are our friends – check out the Guests tab to learn about our guest policy.

Assessment Fees may be

1 detailed membership classifications can be located in our updated by-laws.
2 child care provider (must be accompanied by member family dependents) or non-family member residing at the same address as a member.
3 associate memberships only available for one season.   After the first year, association members must upgrade to full membership or appeal for a 2nd year.

If you have further questions about membership at the Mill Creek Towne Swim & Dive Club, please email our Membership Director at